Today during a casual talk during lunch, a brilliant plan for securing our old age coupled with enjoying life after retirement, maintaining health with good hygienic food was born. It happened so that one of my friend had cooked some amazing paneer rolls (bet it was more tastier and healthier than what you would get outside), tasting which we suggested her to start this as a business; and then guess what…. VOILA!!!! Our new business was born….

One of my other friend suggested that she is good at cutting vegetables, see now we have a assistant Chef….

I said, I am interested in investing in this business venture…. mainly because the returns are high (both in terms of money and appetite), hence wanted the post of CFO over which I had to face dissent from another friend as she was also contending for the same post. Hope we sort this out before our retirement 😛

Now for the best and the most vital part of any business – A CUSTOMER….

Guess what, we have arranged for that as well. Another friend of ours has agreed to visit us everyday and enjoy the food, but now I wonder, she never spoke of paying for it???

With all these perfectly in place, we are all set to enjoy our Retirement Days…. with Roti (Food served at our place), Paisa (Money which I.. err.. We get in our business) and Makaan (our shop)….

Heartiest Welcome to All!!!!!!