Dedicated to our SUPERSTAR – Senthil a.k.a Redthil, an ardent lover of Bourbon biscuits… Hope you like it Thalai… πŸ™‚

It was just another day, just another evening having our tea in leisure when my friend Mr Senthil Kumar Chinnappa (popularly known as Redthil) came with handful of bourbon biscuits in hand, and as usual quoted his most popular lines “I AM ON DIET… YOU SEE… WHAT TO DO…. I AM A POOR KID”.… that was the first stone laid in the foundation for one ofΒ  the best ads of the century….

It goes like this….

Redthil, the POOR KID would be lurching his way through a forest. He would be impecunious and frail. He would be trying to keep up his stamina when all of a sudden from nowhere…. a bunch of robbers appear and ask our poor kid to hand over whatever he has. At which, what did our thalai (just in case u are confused… this is another name of Redthil) do??

….. No he neither gave whatever he had nor tried any ways of escape…. what he did was something unusual…

Thalai, the superstar swinged his hand behind (in Rajani style.. I say) and retrieved…. WHAT!!!!

No.. definitely not a sword…. but a packet of BOURBON.… πŸ˜€

He threw it in the sky… upon which the packet opened by itself and the bourbons lined down into Redthil’s mouth…. After showing the entire packet the way to his stomach, our super hero was all ready to show the robbers their way to heaven….

Suddenly our feeble thalai transforms into a strong, flamboyant super hero…. Now dont imagine those typical super hero types… Our thalai is different. He is a South Indian super hero….

So Thalai’s makeover is like this…. A bright blue lungi with a red net and not to forget a belt…. and of course how can we forget those thick gold chains, fingers sparkling with gold rings…. and icing on the cake.. a dark goggles…

With this dynamic personality, Thalai points out his golden finger at the thuds and says…. “MIND IT”…. and no points for guessing, the thuds disappeared…..

That was illusory…. but what happened next day was reality…. BOURBON DISAPPEARED FROM THE PANTRY FOREVER…. Might be because of the popularity and demand, Bourbon got because of our ad… πŸ˜›Β  Now its up to the readers to decide!!!!

“Three Cheers to Redthil and Bourbon”