Today on the way to my office, happened to come across a marriage hall in front of which, was written


which made my mind ponder over a fundamental question as to who is the bride and who is the bridegroom??? :-O …..

I tried to analyze like this –

Anu as bride and Madhu as bridegroom – should be the right combination….

Wait… but there is one Anu Mallik, one Anu Kapoor and then there is a Madhu and a Madhu Sharma, south indian actresses…. so guess, my guess was wrong…. 😦

So what!!!!Β  lets try the alternative…. that should be right….

Anu as groom and Madhu as bride – this time I cant be wrong….

But wait, I remember there was one Anu Agarwal, lead actress of a romatic blockbuster of yesteryears…. and happened to come across another south indian actor by name Madhu…. oh no!!!! not again.. 😦

Wanted to try out another…hmm.. alternative, but seeing the enthusiasm among people, happiness in their faces, at the venue, it is for sure, that this is not a case of Mix and Match :P…

So the mystery still continues….

But as Shakespeare says… “What’s in a name?”….

Hence ending this post by wishing the new couple a very Happy Married Life…. πŸ™‚