Couple of days back, I happened to take one of the Just For Fun test on Facebook, it was called “Attitude Test“, the results of which portray, what kind of a person you are….

Out of curiosity, happened to take this test, the result of which,more than that its relevance in my life, was what can I say  hilarious (atleast thats what I think)…. 😛

The result was –


  • you are the sort of person who likes to take life slowly…. just one day at a time :- 4 on 5 – patience is one thing I have learnt from my past experiences.
  • you usually know the difference between right and wrong :- 3 on 5 – More often than never, I would not know; rather I would know what is right, but don’t know the way to reach the right thing.
  • you believe in yourself :- 5 on 5 – yes….always.
  • you put yourself in other peoples shoes and see how it feels to be them and then handle a situation accordingly :- 4 on 5 perhaps – One of the other lessons, life is teaching me.
  • your attitude towards life is very positive :- 5 on 5 for sure – still expecting to see miracles happen in life. 😀
  • you are liked by all and are a great friend….the flip side is that sometimes you care too much about other people and dont do what you really wanna do. :- 4 on 5 – depends on the person (doesnot really have to be a friend) for the first part :P, for latter one, without any doubt 5 on 5. :(“

Now coming to the primary result “CALM AND QUIET” – QUIET might be quite true (4 0n 5)…. but definitely not CALM….(1 on 5) 🙂

Guess most of the readers will agree to this….