Today, during one of the casual chats with my friends, came up a topic as to how good a lead I can be??(ok… don’t give that sarcastic look…. read on…. :P)

Of late I have been hearing lot of my colleagues’ opinion about my leading abilities, so just wanted to jot down somewhere so that I can deeply analyze πŸ˜‰Β  my leadership skills…. hence the blog (This is also an answer to those who have a complaint that I am on a relentless mission of tarnishing their image…. NO.. I am not pledging on stopping that, but occasionally,Β  would tarnish even mine…. :D)

Without any modesty, I am telling, some days back, I discovered I have a hidden talent of efficiently coordinating tasks within my project. I realized that I enjoy working towards making people do the task, rather than doing it myself. I was thinking of grooming this further, in the right direction so that one day I can be a successful lead.

I had formulated a wonderful team, even had decided on the project objectives, scope and time lines. I had made a team of wonderful players, who happen to be the key performers of our organization. With great interest and enthusiasm, I told them about my plan, and asked them their opinion (now I realize, what a great mistake I did…. :()

Here are some…. trust me…. SOME of their opinions (I don’t dare to tell all of them….)

Mr MS :- So called, my mentor…. on whom I had so much of faith, whom I had helped in many difficult periods in the project, told me firmly,“If I am going to be in her project, I need to come everyday at 8A.M, work till 8 P.M and yet again be in office, the next day at 8A.M. or else get reprimanded from her. She would expect everything to be working fine at the first shot and will never give us a second chance. Hence “REJECTED”

Mr BG :- a good friend, again whom I trusted naively said (under the high influence of Mr MS…. ughh) “I completely agree with Mr MS, to add to this she would be standing at the door in the morning with a cane to beat up all her project members who come late (…. than 8 A.M)Hence “REJECTED”

Very dejected, I went to Mr SC, the poor kid, who I was sure will understand me, but….. 😦

Mr SC :- only difference between him and others, he started and ended his opinion with only one word “REJECTED”, while others were kind enough πŸ˜‰ to tell me the reasons as well….

While I was conversing with Mr SC, Mr MG, who happened to overhear the talk, came to us to give his valuable opinion, and that was not overwhelming as well…. 😦

Mr MG :- “She is becoming dangerous everyday (in case he doesn’t know, I am already entitled with “DD” and my friends have dedicated me πŸ˜‰ ughh, a community on Orkut called the “SOD”)…. she can be called “Phoolan Devi” of our group”…. I don’t know what have I done to scare him…. 😦

Finally not with much of hope, I went to Mr HP, my little bro…. what he said was ultimate…..

Mr HP :- “If ever she becomes the lead, rather a Gang-leader, she would have the entire team at gun point, and hypothetically if there are 18 members in her team, and by mistake if one of them fails to perform, then he/she would be gunned down and she would update her blog as “1 DOWN, 17 TO GO”….. ULTIMATE!!!!!!

After hearing all this, I was rather dejected…. or surprised…. or SHOCKED!!!! But inspite of all this, I will still work on my leadership skills and be like Mr MS πŸ˜› one day…. Thanks all u guys for making this blog happen….