After a nice relaxing weekend, resurrecting oneself back to work on Monday is not only going to be difficult, but is inevitable. But what happens if a Monday morning blues is coupled with a heavy torrent of  rain????

It happened today, 17th of Aug, when heavy downpour accompanied by thunderstorms started as early as around 2 A.M(thats wht I was informed). I was woken up at around 3A.M by a loud noise. I got up startled, just to realize that the loud noise is nothing but a thunder which had struck with its full might. I slept again cursing the thunder to have woken me up and the rain for pouring at 3A.M instead of at 7A.M which could have given me a reason to extend my weekend. Now with a heavy rain at this hour of the day, it would be extremely tiresome to walk on the roads, full of potholes and vehicles.

But VOILA!!!! what happened!!!! looks like god had heard me….(wonder why God listens to me when I make such odd wishes and not when I really ask him for something…. ;)) When I got up (around 6 A.M),  heavens were showering with the same wrath as it was at 3, and I started my day, pondering over the reason I need to give to escape from office…. :D. At 7, still as the showers persisted, I had decided over the reason – you see suddenly over the weekend I fell sick and still don’t have enough strength to make it to office…. (which is quite true though the reason for it is different…. :P).

I discussed with my mom just in case, she has a better option (not better than taking a day off, but better than falling sick for it), she relentlessly rejected the reason, though she whole-heartedly considered the objective…. (my mom, who always was keen on my 100% attendence in school and college looks like has got spoilt a little bit :D). The reason behind her disapproval is the increasing scare of Swine Flu….( her fear was that, my manager might ask me to extend my leave as a precaution…. which is well-justified seeing the increasing wariness (or to say increasing scare) among people).She insisted me on changing the reason, but I was too adamant on taking off only if I fall sick…. 😛

Finally after 30 seconds of deep discussion, I decided to commute by a auto instead of bus (as I need to walk for around a km to catch it), which sounded like a safe, timely option…. but not for a long time…. I realized, that I should not have been so adamant over the reason, within 5 mins of getting into an auto. Looks like the auto driver was an unsung warrior, an untiring hero, not battered by jeopardy (atleast guess, thats what he thought of himself…. ;)) Looking at the way he was driving on the road, already with overflowing traffic, the reckless speed and imprudent mannerisms in avoiding other vehicles, made me wonder if God was kind enough to grant my second wish of taking a day off as well…. I took a second to tell god, that I would welcome a day-off, but not in this style, getting bruised or something worser…. Looks like God had heard me, and I reached office safe and sound…. woof!!!!

Miraculously, within 5 minutes after reaching the office, the rain stopped. Now I wonder, was it My wish or God’s wish for me to take a day-off!!!!!