On the way to office, while waiting for the signal to turn green, happened to look around. Standing next to me was a lavish black Honda City. Out of curiosity, tried to sneak a look at the people inside. Much to my disappointment, happened to find a old couple, chatting deliriously unaware of what is happening around.

Even though, my interest in Honda city and its owner was ruined, another thought sparked in my mind, “What I would wish to possess, rather what I would be 30 years down the line…..”

30 years from now…. I would be somewhere in my 50s….

– I would want to be rich (owner of billions of…. (Dollars, if possible…. but rupees for sure)

– Own a lavish house in a posh locality…. (hmmm….. I can visualize that now itself :))

– Own a classy car…. (a chauffeur is a must…. I firmly believe that after owning such a swish car, its disgrace not to have chauffeur drive it, but drive it on your own…. :P)

These are all materialistic thoughts; I got after seeing the Honda city. But here is what I felt, after seeing the couple in it.

These days, most of the places, wherever we go, let it be a park or a theatre or a mall or some posh streets, we find lot of young couple walking hand in hand, whispering to each other, the girl laughing and the guy enjoying seeing his girl smiling. Most of us might be feeling or wishing for such a guy / girl in their life as well, whom they can say, “He / She is mine”, with whom you can chat about the whole world, share your thoughts, get guidance, in short a person with whom you can be happy and secure with….

But one thing we are noticing these days, is several love marriages – marriages happened after knowing each other so well, even after fully accepting both good and bad of one another are becoming so fragile. Within a year of marriage, people tend to become increasingly aggressive in their relationships, quarrels over petty issues presides concluding with the end of the relationship.

After seeing the old couple enjoying their life with each other at even this ripe age, I could wish only for one thing…..

“ Let me also enjoy my life as much as they are and much more with my life partner, bless that my partner and me can talk with each other with the same enthusiasm with which we speak when our relationship is new, bless that we at that ripe age also can walk hand in hand, discuss our thoughts, care for each other more than anything else in our lives….. even after 30 years…..”