How do you feel when a change which you have longed for, happens quite unanticipated? Frenetic!!!! Confused!!!! Elated!!!!Shocked!!!!

May be bit of all…… All the above adjectives might not completely but nearly depict what I am feeling currently. Today Aug 25, 2009 brought a much awaited, much longed dream alive. I couldn’t help feeling proud (some fellow strugglers in this long battle 😉 might laugh at this…. :P) when it actually happened. Why shouldn’t I? After all I have waited for soooooo long for this one day….. I decided, I am going to celebrate this day….. 🙂

But wait!!!! that’s not all…. Guess what I am missing the life, that was before this change. I know I cannot go back to the past life, since the change is irreversible (not that I want to go back after coming so far….) I have been searching all places to find atleast a small trace of the fossils, so that I can record them, and cherish memories for life…..

VOILA!!!! Finally after probing for a long time, I was able to find one such thing, which still was reflecting to the past. I did not think even for a moment to capture it, and surprisingly I felt so happy 🙂

Now I feel, I can live this change and enjoy it completely!!!! 🙂

Moral of the Day: Change is only one thing which is Constant…. It may come with a Delay, but is Inevitable….

“Kudos to me and my fellow companions in this change…. Congratulations to all!!!!!”