This is a sequel of the article Nostalgia :).

Yesterday, I was talking about my encounter and reaction toward a welcome, but an unanticipated change. Here is an instance of my friend’s reaction over the same change.

After getting a confirmed news regarding the change that had happened and lot of others confirming that they are a part of the change as well, I presumed that PK, a good friend of mine might also be a part of it. So without a second thought, congratulated him. He mentioned that he has not been informed about the change, but  I did not give heed to it and continued to substantiate my statement with all logic possible. After hearing my pragmatic speech, PK was convinced to a greater extent that he was a part of the change and it is now up to him to accept it.

Immediately he went to the pantry. I was under the assumption, PK wanted to rejoice this moment alone, hence went away, so did not bother about his sudden exit.

But it was only a little later, that I realized my mistake. PK was not a part of the change 😦 It was quite a shock to all of us, since if anybody deserved to be a part of the change, it was PK. More than this, I was feeling indignant over the stupid mistake of presuming things without any proof or confirmation and having hurt someone’s feelings.

I desperately wanted to say sorry to PK, so asked him to join me for a cup of coffee and then we went to the pantry. After apologizing for my mistake, and him doing a favour of acquitting me from the crime, we started our as usual conversation. Then I observed something. A broken door!!!!! The door which was in perfect health in the morning is now BROKEN!!!!!Copy of DSC07102I was skeptical about PK, not having his hand in this, so pestered him to speak up the truth. After a loooong tenure of persuasion, PK finally agreed of having his hand…. err… No…. his leg in this. That explains why he went to the pantry in such a hurry.

He was so used to the mundane life before the change, that he was not able to accept the fact that change has finally happened. The idea of the change happening made him so aggressive, that he started searching for something to show his vengeance on. Finally what came to his sight???? the poor door, as you see above, you can figure out what PK would have done with it….

But wait!!!! are you wondering why PK did not break the entire door????!!!! He would have been successful in his endeavor if only he was not informed that he was NOT a part of the CHANGE….. :D!!!! Yes, our tireless, hard-working, industrious PK was not a part of the change!!!! Surprising????yes, but PK variably was happy. 🙂

Think, this is the end of the story…. No, not yet…. “Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost!!!!! :)”

Today, when I went to the pantry, suprisingly I saw the door was completely broken!!!! Came back wondering, why and how this can happen?? and who would have done it??!!!!

Sometime later, PK informed me, that he is informed that he is also going to be a part of the change!!!!! (still do not know why he was given this “SPECIAL” treatment as compared to us…. :P)

but the good part is now I know WHY, HOW and WHO…… 😉

Three Cheers again to PK and welcome to the club!!!!! 🙂