Hello World!!!!! I am BACK!!!!!!

It has been quite sometime that I have penned down anything. Its either time or topics or interest which deprived me of entering into this ‘serene world’…..

But during this weekend, with a total urge to find out the time, topic and interest, I sat down to find a suitable theme for my GRAND COMEBACK…. 😀

Last Saturday, 14th of November happens to be the birthday of our first prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru…. popular among kids as Chacha Nehru. This day is celebrated as Children’s Day,as a tribute to Nehru’s  love for children.He believed “Children are the future of the nation.”

As a mere coincidence, happened to come across this video about a kid, who sells fans made of peacock feathers on the streets of Mumbai near the hanging gardens, but is amazingly multilingual.

He has learned all these languages, just by following the conversations of various tourists who happen to visit the place. This can be considered as his “strategy” for marketing and eventually sell his goods or as a special gift he has been bestowed by God.

But the saddest part is, he doesn’t have the privilege of attending school, and spends all his time selling fans. According to a survey done by the UN, India has the largest number of uneducated children (around 50%). Apart from this, we find a considerable number of child laborers in spite of having a ban on employment of children below 14. How many houses still have their domestic servant who is a kid? How many times have you not come across various cases of child abuse or cases of juvenile crimes  in news off late?

Our ex-president,  Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam mentions in one of his addresses – “Children who belong to weaker sections of our society are undernourished, and only a small percentage of them manage to complete satisfactory education. We need to think specifically for them. Education is indeed a fundamental right of every Indian child. Can we allow the situation to continue in which millions of these children are forced into life long poverty?”

Given the present situation, I wonder when will Nehru’s and Kalam’s dreams might come into reality???? But as a responsible citizen of the country, I believe its our duty to do our bit towards making a under-privileged child see a brighter tomorrow……