Hello world!!!! here I am back again….. đŸ˜€ hopefully for a longer duration now đŸ˜›

What a day for (re)come-back….. a new day! a new year! Happy Ugadi, Yugadi or Gudi Parva to all!!!!

so the article for the day is also going to be new…..


Keeping the brain healthy and happy is the easier than we think; and it takes less than 15 minutes a day to keep the brain active for the whole day. Here are some of the interesting ways to keep your brain healthy and active –

Solving Sudoku or crossword – This will cater to your desire as well as keep those million grey cells craving to be in use, at work.

Playing chess is a good option but not all of us are good for such a “cerebral” activity since we are more accustomed to something which peps us up faster than something which is time-consuming.

So what? there are “fun” activities for people like us….. Learn to do something creative – learning pottery, music, dance or any other fine arts. Walking on the beach, making sand castles also makes the brain happier and hence more active….

Even writing a blog helps…. the amount of brain used in writing this up, collecting info about the topics, collecting topics itself keeps the brain at its “toes”.

One shortcut for brain health

  • Do not keep doing the same thing for a longer duration.
  • Try doing something new, however small it is, everyday…. this keeps you enthusiastic and happy everyday (today I joined twitter…. it might be very small thing to do, but my brain was very curious to figure out the way it works, which kept my brain happy for sometime).
  • Do Work as if it was Play…. enjoy the work you are doing, in spite of it being quite uninteresting and monotonous…. since one thing is for sure – “Unless you take care of your work, your work will not take you”
  • Read, Read, Read…. yes reading, whatever it might be – biographies, novels, articles and even comics will help…..

So bottom line is “Keep your brain happy for you to be happy