“People are key assets of our Organization”

“Organization is nothing without people”





blah…. blah…. blah

how many times have we not heard these from leading organizations?

but do they really cater to the people’s needs? do they really know how to manage people?

ok…ok … i am not going into another tiresome, serious discussion ….

well, but the question still is the same, forget the organizations….

do we really understand what is People Management…..

Yes, today’s topic is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT….

Have you ever realized how many times in a day do we handle people?

4 times? 3 times? 2 times? 1 time? or none….

If you say none, think again…..

Here are some instances where with or without knowledge, we manage people –

 Earliest stage of life – when you were a baby….. when crying was the only way to communicate and conquer the world, have you ever thought, you managed to “manage your parents/relatives” just by crying. No? don’t believe? just think…. when you were hungry, but your mom did not pay attention, what did you do? Cry…. thats so simple…. which made your mom come running to you, see you managed your mom 🙂 Similarly, when you were desperate to sit and play in the cradle, but unfortunately, you end up landing in the arms of one aunt to another aunt to another uncle and so on, what did you do? Same answer again?? Well, yes, you again successfully managed to “Manage elders“…. 😀

Now you grew a little older…. You have discovered, crying is not the only way to conquer…. so what you do? Lets consider the following situation –

Your friend sitting next to you takes away your pencil or eraser…. how to get it back?

Solution A – Smack him, hit him, fight with him, basically intimidate him….

Solution B – Start crying hard, so that your teacher finds you innocent (earlier case that might not be possible…. :P)

Result – u get your stationary back and you have successfully “managed your friend“…. 😀

Well, sad thing is that, its not only kids who have mastered the art of people management…. even parents are aware of it to a considerable extent… well have you ever realized, their coaxing you to get first rank to getting into the best engineering college by offering you everything from a chocolate to a moped is one of their ways of “managing” you?

If the “managing” is restricted to something listed above, it is good….but if it takes a wrong turn like this, then?…..oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, all the above was past…. if we come to the present, everyday we deal with the shopkeepers, bargaining for a pie…. what do you think? if you have got a good bargain, means you successfully “Managed” the shopkeeper.

These are very few examples of how we manage people in our day to day life…. I am sure there are many more if we think hard….

Thats it for now….. Keep managing people and thinking more innovative ways of managing  till we meet next time!!!!!