Sometimes it so happens that you become so obsessive about people and their memories in your life, that you don’t want to part with them, you don’t want to believe that they are not a part of your life and cannot be as well…. but still you fear losing them!!!!!

What do you call  it? Love (L), Infatuation (I), Possessiveness (P) or Obsession (O)!!!!

Consider a simple situation –

Situation A – If he/she is talking to some one of opposite sex, you feel a burning sensation in your heart…. What do you call this?

If this is slightly confusing, or if this is too easy to decide then lets try the following situation –

Situation B – If his/her smile at you fills your day with joy, you will feel excited, enthusiastic  through out the day…. What do you call this?

Pretty straight forward?? huh!!! ok, try this…..

Situation C – You treasure his/her possessions (which you might have accidentally landed up with), however trivial it has been to him/her…. What do you call this?

Getting  a little confused? ok, lets proceed…. lets see if it gets better or …..worse!!!!

Situation D – You think that you have heard him/her even though they are no where around. You imagine him/her in almost everyone you see…. What do you call this?

Getting little perplexed?? Let me confuse you a little more….

Situation E – If he/she is away from your sight for quite sometime, you cry your heart out, missing him/her every moment but still feel shy and intimidated to speak to them when you see them after a long time….. What do you call this?

????? final assault!!!! here is comes…..

Situation F – Even though you are completely sure that he/she can never be a part of your life and you are nothing to him/her, you still can never think of not thinking about him/her…..What do you call this?

Well, may be certain things /people are so inevitable part of your destiny, they come, they go, but need to learn how to cope up with all situations….

Again telling is easy, implementing is difficult…. still life goes on….

Thats pretty much it for now…. till we meet in the next post, keep mulling about the situations mentioned above…..