Off-late, there has been lot of things happening in life, which has made me (re)look at my view for life. Life has been going through a lot of ordeals, which most of the time, leaves me thinking what piece of this huge jig-saw puzzle called life, luck, success am I missing?

I believe its not my everyday story alone.So many of us might have the same kind of issues in life. So the easiest solution is to unravel this mystery of the missing piece….

Well, to start with, lets think about the various things that can go wrong….

1.One common problem is, when something is not coming our way, we start lamenting and spend all our mind,energy cribbing on what we did not get.

2.Start blaming others for our failure in accomplishing what we desired for.

3.In today’s competitive world, where we need to prove ourself every day, every moment, where we need to showcase ourselves better than all other “rats”, stress naturally gropes and not able to cope up with it leaves us in frustration.

4.Not doing something we enjoy to do, but doing something so that we, if not be the topper of rat race, but at least be in the race, which again leaves us sad and lost.

5.Constantly in the maze of worries, think, re-think and keep mulling over the failures keeps us lost in our world, longing to keep ourselves isolated from others.

6.Always trying to do something which somebody else can do easily, without realizing they are the masters of the game and we are naive.

7.Worst of all, always compare ourselves with someone who is competent and successful in his/her arena and crib on not being able to reach anywhere near them in spite of all efforts.

So after figuring out what all has gone wrong, what’s the next thing to do? Find solutions….

1.First of all, stop making the mind wander on unnecessary issues and holding onto some unwanted memories for a long time.
2.What others think of you is none of your business…. its hard to please everyone.
3.Believe in miracles…. since we are ourselves miracles. 🙂
4.Even if your boss gives you sour lime, make the most sweet juice out of it. 🙂
5.Watch something nice, humorous, feel good shows on TV.
6. Occasionally take a break from the rat race, do something which you love to do….(thats what exactly I am doing now…. :))
7.Don’t feel disheartened on failures. Just think you are destined for something more, something better and you will be the best of the pack in that.
8.Best of all, keep smiling, keep laughing even at your failures and at people who made fun of you for your incompetence, because one who can laugh at himself/herself is the person who can come out of all failures in a most convincing manner.

Once you start enjoying your life, happiness and success will follow suit….

So with all these, hope to bring a difference in my view of life and make a different person out of myself.

Every day is different and every day has so much to offer!!!! So keep having fun!!!! Life is more than what we are currently making of it today!!!!