WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How quickly the times moves on!!!!!!

It seems yesterday, when I was opening my eyes in this big beautiful ocean of blogging and learning to swim amidst big, big fishes and whales called friends, who were and are the champs of blogging…. 🙂

Today, this small fish of the blogging ocean is going to swim for the 25th time…..

I still remember the day 03rd Aug 09, when I was talking to HP, rambling about my boring life and urge to do something new, but having no idea on what to do….. It was then, he suggested me to start blogging…. and that was how an interest to rant on-line was born….

But still there was a problem…. since there was too many blog sites and it was only me who was blogging, there was a confusion on which one to choose from…. It was when Mr Poor Kid (PK) came to help…. he suggested to start blabbering on wordpress…. so that was how “SERENETIMES” was born….

I payed back to HP and PK by dedicating quite a few posts to them…. Hope they remember…. 😛

From then on, I have written many posts with topics varying from something casual like Smile Or Not To Smile!!!!???? or Highly Effective Lead…. YES Or NO???? to some serious topics like Children’s Day???? or Wrongs And Rights

Out of the 24 posts till now, my personal favorites happen to be

1.Bourbon Ad…. In Rajani.. Err.. Redthil Istyle

2.Recession Upshot – In Words Of Hercules And Scorpio

3.Highly Effective Lead…. YES Or NO????

4.After 30 Years…..

5.Why People Cannot Accept Change?


But of all these, the best one, which made me “famous” in this blog world is undoubtedly an unanimously

Bourbon Ad…. In Rajani.. Err.. Redthil Istyle

Thanks to thalai for making me think so creative…. 😉 I promise you, I will come with the sequel pretty soon…. 😀

I would like to thank everyone who were direct/indirect part of my posts, for having taken them sportively and given your valuable comments….

Hope you guys enjoy reading my posts in future as well!!!!