How many times we have seen a blind man struggling to cross the road or trying to board a bus, but still no one around bother to help him out? How many times have we seen an old man or a woman tired of standing in the bus, but no one bothers to offer them a seat?

In spite of all these, we call ourselves “human” beings. What is “human”? Human means “Characteristic of humanity“. Are we really are? Or is it that other species on this earth cannot  be a “human”?

Check out the picture below.

This was a picture taken by a journalist during his visit to one of the famous temples of Bangalore, Ragigudda. Every three months once, there are these two guys, who are physically special because of their sight, come to Ragigudda. On one such occasion, they went in search of water to quench their thirst. They happened to find a tap with some difficulty, but were having problems in opening and closing the tap. People around them were moving around watching their plight but no one came to their help.

It is during this time, from nowhere a monkey chipped in, opened the tap for the guys to allay their thirst, waited till they drank the water, filled its stomach as well and above all, remembered to close the tap before leaving….

Now I guess thats what is called HUMAN” being.…..

I think its time for all of us to (re)think if we really qualify for “HUMAN” beings?