In today’s fast forward world, too much of stress, strain lead to a state of low mood and aversion from work. Without any reasons, we tend to feel sad, irritated, easily annoyed and tired…. Why is this so? and what is this called?

Yes, as the subject says, this is Depression….

This article is not about heavy duty topics like

What is Depression?

What are the different reasons behind depression?

How do depressed minds work?

or for that matter,

How to cope up with depression?

This a light weight post on what are the various “interesting” things which people do when they are depressed….

To begin with, as one can anticipate, a person will go into social isolation or in simple terms loneliness… yes, it is observed that when your mind is tired, you tend to seclude yourself from the world, try to calm down and think about the possible things which could have been the reasons behind the depression…

Or, as an alternative, if a person chooses not to seclude oneself from the society or family or is not able to isolate oneself, he/she most of the time end up being annoyed and frustrated with the family members and at time reprimand them without any mistakes of theirs…. If the family is congenial enough to understand the turbulence in the person’s mind, the problem is still cope-able, but if they are trenchant, then the problem mounts up to its maximum height possible….

After this serious impacts of depression, here is one appetizing counter-effect…. People tend to increase their lust for food. They start eating rapaciously just to keep their minds off “those thoughts”…. And interestingly it is seen that the most “loved” food at these times is unbelievably Chocolates and ice creams…. People eat hoards and hoards of these without realizing the quantity eaten…. and it is also proved by certain scientific research that chocolates are one of the good anti-depressants.

Yummy!! isn’t it?

Apart from all these, by my personal experience, I have discovered another anti-depressant, which is “Work, Work and work” your way out….. Yes, at times when I have been depressed, I have felt the urge to work so hard, that I forget the thoughts and people which/who are responsible for my foul mood.

And trust me it works!!! I feel so relieved and so light in the mind, free of all thoughts…. and yes my work is also done, with great quality as my mind is totally focussed on the work….

But as everything, there is always a flip-side to this as well…. I got reprimanded from friends/lead for unnecessarily working and straining myself. How many ever times I say, I did all this to come out of my frustrations, it is in vain….

Hope this post will make them understand…..