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Come Back!!!

Well hello!! BACK after 4 looonnnggg years 🙂

Not sure for how long yet, but trying to get back to my old hobby, basically trying to re-invent myself.

Oh boy, feeling so rustic. Words which once seemed free flowing is now so difficult to come (not sure if this was grammatically correct?!) but I am determined to do something to keep my head in place. So trying blogging again. Wow! rambling again. This whole post seems to be having lot of ramblings and lot of ‘!’ Not even sure what and why I am typing. Seriously why!!

Ok, enough. signing off for now. Subsequent posts will be a conversation between two friends JC & Baboosh. Trying something new again. Lets hope it works!!


The two-seater journey

This is a small dedication to the most beautiful and harmonious couple who started their two-seater journey called marriage on this very day and are  completing the 4th year of their wonderful journey.

When you are in school, your parents have only one dream for you – to ensure that you score well in your exams and stand first in class. When you finish school, they dream of a lucrative job which would earn you reputation and loads of money. Once you have achieved this, then comes a dream (or nightmare for some) which would change the whole course of your life permanently – MARRIAGE!!!

I, like many have always wondered the necessity of marriage in one’s life. You need to study to get a good job, you need a job to make a living, but why do you need to get married? I have always been in a dilemma since I personally never thought marriage is mandatory; but relatives, parents, friends seem to believe marriage is the utmost necessity in life and all the high grades, lucrative jobs are the key to choose among the best breed as husband / wife. 🙂 🙂

But with all this humor also comes the dreadful thought of not making the right choice, of failure in marriage. The impact of such as disaster would be catastrophic. Here are some of such instances I have seen in recent times –

Case 1: Vijay and Sandhya are happily (??) married for last 10 years. Both come from affluent families, marriage arranged by parents and hence their match was perceived to be made in heaven. The only discord in their otherwise perfect match is that even after 10 years, Sandhya is not able to conceive. This one reason was sufficient for Vijay and his family to break this marriage and send Sandhya back to her parents. Ideally 10 years is a long and sufficient time for a couple to strengthen their relationship to such an extent, that every obstacle no matter how big or small will never affect the marriage. But so was not the case here.

Case 2: Bharath and Sumana’s marriage was arranged by their parents after matching their horoscopes to the microscopic details. As per the match scores, they were supposed to be made for each other and would face no problems in their relationship. But the reality turned out to be something else. Within months after their marriage, Bharath started to feel a discomfort in the relationship. Sumana seemed to be indifferent, had no concerns about Bharath or his family. She felt no love with Bharath and even after months, he remained an outsider to her. She started picking on him for every small thing, arguments and fights increasing with each passing day. End result was that, within months of this perfectly matched marriage, two of them separated and are now living alone.

Case 3: Kiran and Manoj are both from affluent families where marriages get fixed based on the weight of money, gold etc. each family can give and take. Kiran and Manoj got married because Kiran’s parents gave Manoj a big car and a flat and Manoj’s parents gave Kiran kilograms and kilograms of gold and silver. Nobody ever bothered to think whether Kiran and Manoj can understand each other and live together. The result, Kiran is back to her parents’ place within a month of marriage along with the car and flat.

Case 4: Rajiv is working in an IT major for last 7 years and is settled in US. His parents, like many found him a beautiful, smart girl Neelam working in an IT company. Rajiv has always been mama’s boy, a guy who follows his parents’ advice to the T and never talks against them. Neelam is very happy to marry such a guy and even quits her job for Rajiv. They get married and Rajiv flies back to US promising to take Neelam soon. But that soon never happens. Calls after calls go to Rajiv from Neelam but in vain. Once while Neelam was trying to reach Rajiv, a girl picks up the call and informs Neelam that she is his wife. Neelam is shattered. She feels her whole world has collapsed. Today, she is back to her parents and is searching for a new job.

All the above incidents make me terrified about the thought of getting married. I feel there is no such thing called fidelity and trust in today’s world. These incidents make me distant myself from marriage. But still somewhere in some corner of my mind I am still considerate about marriages and that is because of this beautiful couple I had the fortune to know for some time now.

Gopal and Rajini are vibrant, bubbly, talkative and very expressive in their thoughts. Their marriage was arranged affair, with possible involvement of horoscopes. There were also supposed to be match made in heaven. But unlike others mentioned above, they were also determined to prove this point. Being so talkative and open with their thoughts, I am sure they would be some arguments in their everyday life, but both of them are mature enough not to take the day-to-day arguments to the next level and make an irresolvable issue out of them. What I like the most is their concern for each other, which even after 4 years of marriage has not even a wee bit reduced. I still remember, couple of years back since their marriage, both of them calling each other every now and then from their respective offices and taking a stock of the happenings. It so happened, that Rajini had to go abroad for a year, last year. But distance never came in their relationship. Both of them were longing to talk to each other and were waiting for that specific time of the day, which suited both of them to converse. I have personally seen Gopal’s various expressions and emotions (which he thinks he has masked without others notice) many times, pain when Rajini was away, eagerness waiting for time to call Rajni and exaltation when she was coming back. He was so excited, that he had informed almost everyone in the office about her coming back and had taken off stating “I want to spend time with my wife” 🙂

As the destiny plays a spoil sport many times, it so happened that this year again on their anniversary they are not together and it is Gopal who is now abroad. But I am sure that physical distance can never bring emotional distance in this lovely couple.

It has become such a rare thing these days, that even after 4 years of marriage, the emotional connect, mutual respect and the concern and care for each other remain unchanged and undeterred. These are the key things for a successful marriage and these are the couple who helps others retain their trust in the otherwise doomed world of marriage.

Wishing this beautiful couple a very happy marriage anniversary. Welcome to the 5th year of the journey together and pray that your happy journey continues forever and ever.

P.S. All names have been changed to keep the anonymity of the relevant people intact

Same Mistake

“Was it her beautiful round eyes? Or was it her long hair? Or was it her innocent child like face? I really don’t know what it was, but there was something that was there which struck me so hard, which instantaneously made me her slave…” Kris was musing watching the girl standing a little distance away from him in the bus stop. He was awakened from his rants when Maya shouted “Bus is here, bye bro”. After waving good bye to Maya, Kris turned his attention back to the girl in the bus stop.

Meanwhile, Kathy was observing though subtly, the guy or rather kid who was watching her so anxiously. She has been seeing this guy getting into the same bus she gets into, getting down couple of stops later, and all this only if the other girl, supposedly his sister was not alighting the same bus as she is. She realized this has been happening for some days now. She laughed at the thought of a guy who seems to be at least eight to nine years younger stalking her. She was amused at the thought of ‘kid’ infatuated at her, but the word ‘kid’ struck her hard, bringing in a gushing wave of memories, memories of the past, long gone, but not without inflicting a permanent wound to her heart.

It was 6th of October, five years back, precisely 2 P.M when she first saw him. It was first week into Kathy’s first job, a job which she got immediately after completing school. It was a lousy Friday afternoon, undergoing equally lousy training, waiting for the next class to start, when she heard a knock at the door. All 20 odd heads in the room turned to the door. But as a miracle it be, the pair of eyes at the door locked itself on Kathy and Kathy felt her heart miss a beat. “Wow” her mind said. She couldn’t help but gape at him, all the while he was moving around the room, introducing himself. “Hi, I am Ryan and I am working with this organization from last 2 years and I am here to introduce you to Marketing, one of the key requirements for selling our products”. “Marketing, it is. This is what my dream job is going to be” thought Kathy. “What is it which has caught my attention? Is it his beautiful eyes or is it his handsome physique or is it his cute face or…. Yes, it is; it is his charismatic smile which has encapsulated me, the very first time I saw him. I…” “It is your turn ma’am. Will you please introduce yourself and also enlighten us with your thought which is keeping your mind out of this world?” Ryan’s words cut the chain of her thoughts and she took a deep breath before starting to speak, she didn’t want the first impression to go wrong. As the day progressed, she had made a considerable impact on Ryan with the quick wit and amazing grasping and understanding ability. Kathy thought this has to be the best day of her life.

The trainings went on for another month or so, and Kathy was disappointed that she was not able to see Ryan that often. But, she wasn’t sitting idle during this hour. She tried to collect as much information as she can about Ryan in these days. She was particularly happy about the fact that he is unmarried, but was slightly distressed, when she heard about his marriage scheduled in a period of 3 months. “3 months is still THREE MONTHS. A lot can happen in 3 minutes, so what is 3 months” she thought and hence continued her pursuit towards Ryan’s heart. Little did she know what the outcome would be. After completing a rigorous 1 and a half month of training, all 20 brave warriors came out of their concentration camps, all set to face their actual battles, the projects. Kathy was surprised and immensely happy when she was told she would be working closely with Ryan. She believed it was a sign of god, a heavenly sign telling, they were destined to be together. She started working with extra zeal, an extra effort put only to impress Ryan. She started staying late in the evening, partially to learn the job well, but most important with an expectation that Ryan will offer to drop her home. Ryan also seemed to be quite impressed, and amused at the same time looking at the interest shown by Kathy at work. Working long hours made them share some of their personal information, while Kathy treasured the tidbits of Ryan, Ryan didn’t make an effort to register what Kathy spoke about herself.

Meanwhile, the day of Ryan’s marriage was getting closer. Kathy thought she has made a decent progress, especially when she overheard them quarrelling on phone, of which she felt triumphant about. But the next thing she came to know about is that Ryan was on his marriage vacation which is going to last for a month. She was totally in a haze of thoughts. “How can this happen? Why didn’t he tell me? What was all the friendliness he showed? He definitely knows I am attracted to him. If his intentions were to marry someone else, then why didn’t he stop me?” Kathy was so lost in thoughts, was so confused that, she couldn’t get answers to any of her questions. She spent so many nights silently crying in her bed, all alone caressing herself.

One dreadful month passed, and Ryan returned to office. In spite of all the fury, Kathy had for Ryan, she simply couldn’t stop herself from admiring the new tan he had got may be due to the extra sun he got in the course of his honeymoon. He looked at the Kathy with the same affection, and within a jiffy Kathy forgot all her questions, all the haze and maze she was in. Life continued the same way it was minus now Ryan’s status had changed from E to M (Eligible to Married). Right now nothing made a difference to Kathy, and she continued to impress him with quadrupled vigor.

One fine day she felt, her efforts are bearing fruits. However subtle it was, she realized he is wearing outfit of the same color as hers which repeated every day. She observed, he going for coffee at the same time when she goes, he gazing at her only to turn his eyes elsewhere, the moment she turns towards him. All these made no sense to her, she thought, Ryan loves her but is hesitant because of his marriage. She thought, he has been forced into the marriage and is desperately waiting for a signal from her so that he can come to her forever. She tried to coax him to do so by giving inconspicuous, subtle signal, but was surprised when all went in vain. She was confused and lost yet again.

All her confusions, her questions were answered on that fitful day when the truth came crashing on her. She was feeling annoyed with Ryan over something trivial and silly and blurted out at Ryan. In reply Ryan said “Kathy, you seem like a kid to me. You should be more matured in your conversation. You remind me of a KID and I cannot help feeling amused about it” and laughed. Kathy felt like crashing into the ground and be hidden there forever. She never thought even in the wildest of her dreams that the answers to her questions will come in this fashion. All her questions and confusions were replaced by one and only one question (or rather confusion) “What were all those gestures were about?” those for sure were not those of a man amused by a KID.

She decided whatever it is, going down this path will bring her only pain and she has to take detour before it is too late. She knew things would have been different if he had put a full stop when it all started. Definitely, he is neither a kid nor blind for not having understood what was happening. She was determined to resurrect herself and today she is completely out of her nightmare.

“Pooooonkk….” she was pushed back into the present by the horn of the bus with the bus driver asking her to get into the bus. She observed that the guy had also got into the bus and was staring at her from a distance. She decided, she can’t keep it going for long or else, she would be doing the same mistake which Ryan did, the only difference might be he might not have the courage to recuperate. Hence, instead of just hiding away, she glared at him with the looks powerful enough to burn him and turned away making it evident that she is annoyed and considers him as road-side stalker. She just prayed his self-esteem is hurt by this and that he stops his acts. Anyways, she had to wait for the next morning to see the result.

And it worked!! Kris was so dejected with Kathy’s behavior, that he completely ignored her in the bus stop the next day. And even better, he decided to take his bike to college the next day and never see Kathy ever again.

On the other hand Kathy was relieved and happy that she had prevented spoiling a guy’s life, she had prevented another Kathy in making, and above all, she had prevented the birth of Ryan in her….

“People are key assets of our Organization”

“Organization is nothing without people”





blah…. blah…. blah

how many times have we not heard these from leading organizations?

but do they really cater to the people’s needs? do they really know how to manage people?

ok…ok … i am not going into another tiresome, serious discussion ….

well, but the question still is the same, forget the organizations….

do we really understand what is People Management…..

Yes, today’s topic is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT….

Have you ever realized how many times in a day do we handle people?

4 times? 3 times? 2 times? 1 time? or none….

If you say none, think again…..

Here are some instances where with or without knowledge, we manage people –

 Earliest stage of life – when you were a baby….. when crying was the only way to communicate and conquer the world, have you ever thought, you managed to “manage your parents/relatives” just by crying. No? don’t believe? just think…. when you were hungry, but your mom did not pay attention, what did you do? Cry…. thats so simple…. which made your mom come running to you, see you managed your mom 🙂 Similarly, when you were desperate to sit and play in the cradle, but unfortunately, you end up landing in the arms of one aunt to another aunt to another uncle and so on, what did you do? Same answer again?? Well, yes, you again successfully managed to “Manage elders“…. 😀

Now you grew a little older…. You have discovered, crying is not the only way to conquer…. so what you do? Lets consider the following situation –

Your friend sitting next to you takes away your pencil or eraser…. how to get it back?

Solution A – Smack him, hit him, fight with him, basically intimidate him….

Solution B – Start crying hard, so that your teacher finds you innocent (earlier case that might not be possible…. :P)

Result – u get your stationary back and you have successfully “managed your friend“…. 😀

Well, sad thing is that, its not only kids who have mastered the art of people management…. even parents are aware of it to a considerable extent… well have you ever realized, their coaxing you to get first rank to getting into the best engineering college by offering you everything from a chocolate to a moped is one of their ways of “managing” you?

If the “managing” is restricted to something listed above, it is good….but if it takes a wrong turn like this, then?…..oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, all the above was past…. if we come to the present, everyday we deal with the shopkeepers, bargaining for a pie…. what do you think? if you have got a good bargain, means you successfully “Managed” the shopkeeper.

These are very few examples of how we manage people in our day to day life…. I am sure there are many more if we think hard….

Thats it for now….. Keep managing people and thinking more innovative ways of managing  till we meet next time!!!!!

What should I be????

When we were young, lot of times we would have come across this question from different people – “What do you want to be when you grow up?” the answer to this and the vulnerability of the answer depends on the person answering it……

Apparently, there are lot many people whom we might have heard of, who had a definitive objective set for themselves, right from their childhood. They move ahead in the path towards their goal and succeed in pursuing the career of their choice. Great people!!!! aren’t they???

But apparently (….again), there are a large mass of people (…. I assume) whose dreams and ambitions keep undergoing metamorphosis quite often (….just like mine :P). Their goals keep changing depending on their time-to-time interests….

While pondering on what all goals and ambitions (….if u want to call it that way ;)), I had from childhood till present day, I thought of penning them down, so that when I have my next goal set, I really don’t need to count them all again, to get to the exact number of the goal, i am currently setting for myself…. 😛

So here is a synopsis of what all I wanted to be –

Teacher – The vaguest or the earliest memory goes back to those days when I was around 5 or 6 years. I used to love playing teacher-teacher, where I was the teacher (…. I used to ensure that always) and my 2 friends were the students. If they are not around, then the pillows in my bedroom were (…. my friends had the choice to back-off from the game, but the poor pillows didn’t). I remember having a ruler in my hand and beating the notorious pillows 😉 (….couldn’t do the same thing to my friends :() But yes, I used to teach my friends and the pillows the lessons which I learnt in the school by promptly writing all I know on the blackboard.


Doctor – Not able to date this exactly, but I remember getting used syringes (….without needles off-course),  don’t remember how I used to get them. I used to fill it with water and inject the so called medicine into the bark of the mango tree in front of my house 😛 I even used to medicate my dolls in turn saving their lives…. 😉


Film actress 😛 – Not able to date this as well, but, Yes, this was also one of my dreams. Those days, I was very fond of Hindi movies and was never missing any of them on TV, in spite of having a single channel and movies being telecast late night. Every time, I used to watch the movie, I used to imagine myself in the role and was enjoying it very much till one day, when I took a chance and informed my mom about it…. and not to say “That was the end of it all”


Miss World / Miss Universe – This was at the time, when Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai made India proud by winning the Miss Universe and Miss World title respectively. I still remember those days, when I stayed awake till around 2 in the night, just to watch them win the glory for India and that day was the beginning of a new dream….. but with time, somehow this dream withered out and I was yet again in search of a new dream…..



Astronaut – It was during my 10th Std, that this dream was born. This was my most favorite dream of all…. I wanted to reach the universe, design a spacecraft which travels more than 100000 times the speed of light, a non-stoppable, non-destructable space machine. I wanted to explore the world outside, talk to imaginary species in the other world, win Nobel prize etc… etc…. Guess somewhere in my mind, I still have this dream alive…. but when, how, will I fulfill this dream, only time can tell…..

These are only, believe me, only some of the ocean of dreams I had….. But in spite of all these dreams, what I became!!!!!


Just happened to come across this snippet of how self-centered and enigmatic a guy can be, and couldn’t help penning down…. 😛

If u TREAT him nicely, he says u are IN LOVE with him;

If u Don’t, he says u are PROUD.

If u DRESS nicely, he says u are trying to LURE him;

If u Don’t, he says u are a TRAMP.

If u ARGUE with him, he says u are STUBBORN;

If u keep QUIET, he says u have no BRAINS.

If u are SMARTER than him, he’ll lose FACE;

If he’s Smarter than u, he is GREAT.

If u don’t Love him, he tries to POSSESS u;

If u Love him, he will try to LEAVE u;

If u tell him your PROBLEM, he says u are TROUBLESOME;

If u don’t, he says that u don’t TRUST him.

If u SCOLD him, u are like a NANNY to him;

If he SCOLDS u, it is because he CARES for u.

If u BREAK your PROMISE, u Cannot be TRUSTED;

If he BREAKS his, he is FORCED to do so.

If u do WELL in your exams, he says it’s LUCK;

If he does WELL, it’s BRAINS.

If u HURT him, u are CRUEL;

If he HURTS u, u are too SENSITIVE & so hard to please!!

Anonymous….. (but sure a lady) 😀

If only life was so technically simple

I could have said –

VALUES (NULL,NULL,’1000 trillion $’,’Very Sound’,’Highest Always’,’True,Everlasting’)

and life would have been so WONDERFUL!!!! 😉

If only life was so technically simple

I could have said –

DELETE LIFE_TL where RESULT=’Failure’ OR RESULT=’Misery’ OR RESULT=’Pain’ OR RESULT=’Poverty’

and all my problems would have been solved in a jiffy!!!! 😀

If only life was so technically simple

I could have said –


and I would have atleast known what should I do in office????!!!! 😛

If only life was so technically simple

I could have said –


and  I wouldn’t have to come to office.. which would have automatically solved the previous problem…. 🙂

If only life was so technically simple……………….

This is a sequel of the article Nostalgia :).

Yesterday, I was talking about my encounter and reaction toward a welcome, but an unanticipated change. Here is an instance of my friend’s reaction over the same change.

After getting a confirmed news regarding the change that had happened and lot of others confirming that they are a part of the change as well, I presumed that PK, a good friend of mine might also be a part of it. So without a second thought, congratulated him. He mentioned that he has not been informed about the change, but  I did not give heed to it and continued to substantiate my statement with all logic possible. After hearing my pragmatic speech, PK was convinced to a greater extent that he was a part of the change and it is now up to him to accept it.

Immediately he went to the pantry. I was under the assumption, PK wanted to rejoice this moment alone, hence went away, so did not bother about his sudden exit.

But it was only a little later, that I realized my mistake. PK was not a part of the change 😦 It was quite a shock to all of us, since if anybody deserved to be a part of the change, it was PK. More than this, I was feeling indignant over the stupid mistake of presuming things without any proof or confirmation and having hurt someone’s feelings.

I desperately wanted to say sorry to PK, so asked him to join me for a cup of coffee and then we went to the pantry. After apologizing for my mistake, and him doing a favour of acquitting me from the crime, we started our as usual conversation. Then I observed something. A broken door!!!!! The door which was in perfect health in the morning is now BROKEN!!!!!Copy of DSC07102I was skeptical about PK, not having his hand in this, so pestered him to speak up the truth. After a loooong tenure of persuasion, PK finally agreed of having his hand…. err… No…. his leg in this. That explains why he went to the pantry in such a hurry.

He was so used to the mundane life before the change, that he was not able to accept the fact that change has finally happened. The idea of the change happening made him so aggressive, that he started searching for something to show his vengeance on. Finally what came to his sight???? the poor door, as you see above, you can figure out what PK would have done with it….

But wait!!!! are you wondering why PK did not break the entire door????!!!! He would have been successful in his endeavor if only he was not informed that he was NOT a part of the CHANGE….. :D!!!! Yes, our tireless, hard-working, industrious PK was not a part of the change!!!! Surprising????yes, but PK variably was happy. 🙂

Think, this is the end of the story…. No, not yet…. “Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost!!!!! :)”

Today, when I went to the pantry, suprisingly I saw the door was completely broken!!!! Came back wondering, why and how this can happen?? and who would have done it??!!!!

Sometime later, PK informed me, that he is informed that he is also going to be a part of the change!!!!! (still do not know why he was given this “SPECIAL” treatment as compared to us…. :P)

but the good part is now I know WHY, HOW and WHO…… 😉

Three Cheers again to PK and welcome to the club!!!!! 🙂

Nostalgia :)

How do you feel when a change which you have longed for, happens quite unanticipated? Frenetic!!!! Confused!!!! Elated!!!!Shocked!!!!

May be bit of all…… All the above adjectives might not completely but nearly depict what I am feeling currently. Today Aug 25, 2009 brought a much awaited, much longed dream alive. I couldn’t help feeling proud (some fellow strugglers in this long battle 😉 might laugh at this…. :P) when it actually happened. Why shouldn’t I? After all I have waited for soooooo long for this one day….. I decided, I am going to celebrate this day….. 🙂

But wait!!!! that’s not all…. Guess what I am missing the life, that was before this change. I know I cannot go back to the past life, since the change is irreversible (not that I want to go back after coming so far….) I have been searching all places to find atleast a small trace of the fossils, so that I can record them, and cherish memories for life…..

VOILA!!!! Finally after probing for a long time, I was able to find one such thing, which still was reflecting to the past. I did not think even for a moment to capture it, and surprisingly I felt so happy 🙂

Now I feel, I can live this change and enjoy it completely!!!! 🙂

Moral of the Day: Change is only one thing which is Constant…. It may come with a Delay, but is Inevitable….

“Kudos to me and my fellow companions in this change…. Congratulations to all!!!!!”

Ohhhhhh Ohe Ohh Oh
Ohhhhhh Ohe Ohh Oh


Te amo Brasil, saudades! — Love You Brazil, miss u!

Amo você, gostoso!          — I love you, delicious!


Brasil! La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La

Brasil! La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La

Amo você, gostoso, Brasil! — I love you, delicious Brazil!

Te amo Brasil, saudades!      — Love You Brazil, miss u!

Ohhhhhh Ohe Ohh Oh

Tô Chegando!                            — I am coming!

Ohhhhhh Ohe Ohh Oh

E aí Brasil? Brasil!                    — So Brazil? Brazil!

Brasil! La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La


Brasil! La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La

Brasil! La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La

Brasil! La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La

Brasil! La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La


– Vengaboys

This song was  finalized by my good friends – Redthil, Revathy and Thilak after seeing my elated or rather delirious state after getting an opportunity to work on Brazil AGAIN…. 😀 sounds a little crazy…. na????