Yesterday for a change after really long time was watching soap “opera” queens and kings (even though the word is irrelevant since one place males cannot dominate is here… :P) getting “felicitated” and “rewarded” for being ideal beta, beti, ma, baap,saas, sasur etc… (thats what they are called… wonder why a guy who kicks his wife out of the house and gets married again just because his mom does not like the girl is given “BEST BETA (english: BEST SON)” award… :D).

This show “Star Parivar Awards” was aired on Star Plus yesterday from 8 P.M onwards.Apart from giving these frivolous awards, this ceremony was also to commemorate 10 glorious years of Star Plus (2000 – 2010). Well, as a matter of fact, Star Plus by itself did not get launched in 2000, but that was when it was re-born, thanks to the  reigning soap queen Ekta Kapoor and her enchanting “K” series which took the channel from a struggling trifle to an undisputed ruler of all TRP charts, catapulting the channel to the top slot among all rival channels.

When Mr. Uday Shankar, CEO Star Plus was going through the journey of the channel from 2000 to 2010, my mind was racing back to an earlier era, when TRP ratings were unheard of, fights among channels was literally impossible since there used be a single channel…. one and only our Doordarshan… 🙂 and nostalgia creeps in….

I vaguely remember those days, the late 80s when after coming from school and doing homework, used to watch almost every show that used to come on doordarshan and loved to imitate (or call it spoof….) the characters which used to come in the serials and the ads 😀 (I am still remembered for my “Buniyaad prasthuth karta Godrej” ad…. guess I marketed Godrej pretty well those days…. 🙂  ) Go on with the blog to know what Buniyaad is….

Even though I don’t pretty well recollect all the shows which used to glue me to the TV those days, here are few chronologically, the shows which I loved to watch and almost made me cry if I had to miss even a single episode….

Buniyaad –  This show was aired in 1986 and ran till 1987. Even though, I don’t very well remember the exact story, I think it was set on the aftermath of partition of India and starred Alok Nath, one of the veteran small screen actor. One thing, which is registered in my memory is Godrej was one of the sponsors of the show (as you might know why… by now.. :P)

Ramayan and Mahabharat – Two popular mythological dramas aired in 1987 and 1989 respectively, these are always remembered as epics of Doordarshan. I used to love Arun Govil and Deepika who played Ram and Seeta and till some years even after the show when off-air, I was under the impression that they are the real Ram and Seeta 🙂

When it comes to Mahabharat, one of the blatant memories, is the episode when Bheeshma was being killed by Arjun, that was the day when our TV was out of order and had to be sent for repair. I made so much of a fuss on that day, that my mom had to take me to our neighbor’s place to watch the episode….

Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi and Tehikaat – These were the popular detective series aired in 1989, 1993 and 1994 respectively. Pankaj Kapoor, Rajit Kapur and Vijay Anand impersonated detectives Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi and Sam very well. I used to love watching them, trying to figure out the culprit before any of them could… 😀 My interest in detective serials is still the same, only the show, now which I watch happens to be C.I.D which is telecast every Friday and Saturday on Sony Entertainment Television at 10.00 PM.

Alif Laila, Street Hawk, Captain Vyom and Shaktimaan – These were the kids oriented shows aired in 90s which made me glued to the chair on Sundays (and get rebuked from mom for not studying… :P). I used to imagine myself as Street Hawk or Shaktiman or Vyom flying all over the world, saving the innocent from evil…. 😀

Apart from these, film songs based shows like Rangoli (which I still continue to watch…. apparently the only show on DD which I watch now) and Chitrahaar, watching which I used to learn the lyrics of almost all popular songs of those days, because of which I was always victorious in antaksharis…. cartoons like Spider-man, Jungle Book, Mickey Mouse, Duck Tales…. comedy serials like Wagley ki Duniyan, Dekh bhai Dekh, Jaspal Bhatti’s Flop Show used to keep me busy in front of TV…. 😉

**Today, after almost more than an decade of switching over from only DD to other channels, one thing I can say from my experience is, the more the number of channels, the less the interest in gluing on to a particular show….

**Those were the days when choices were meek and quality and variety of shows were  high…. Today is when, the choices of channels and shows are high, but quality and variety have become meek….

Before I end, here is a quick trivia on firsts in Doordarshan (courtesy – Wikipedia)

  • Doordarshan began with the experimental telecast starting in Delhi on 15 September 1959 with a small transmitter and a makeshift studio.
  • The regular daily transmission started in 1965 as a part of All India Radio.
  • National telecasts were introduced in 1982. In the same year, colour TV was introduced in the Indian market with the live telecast of the Independence Day speech by then prime minister Indira Gandhi on 15 August 1982
  • The telecast of serials began in 1984. The first serial to be aired was Hum Log on July 7, 1984
  • The first comedy serial to be telecast was Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi in 1984
  • The first mythological drama series was Ramayan in 1987
  • Shaktimaan, the first Indian super hero series went on-air on September 13, 1997

** –  The shows and channels referred here are purely related to fiction based serials and channels which telecast these.