Come Back!!!

Well hello!! BACK after 4 looonnnggg years 🙂

Not sure for how long yet, but trying to get back to my old hobby, basically trying to re-invent myself.

Oh boy, feeling so rustic. Words which once seemed free flowing is now so difficult to come (not sure if this was grammatically correct?!) but I am determined to do something to keep my head in place. So trying blogging again. Wow! rambling again. This whole post seems to be having lot of ramblings and lot of ‘!’ Not even sure what and why I am typing. Seriously why!!

Ok, enough. signing off for now. Subsequent posts will be a conversation between two friends JC & Baboosh. Trying something new again. Lets hope it works!!

A pompous affair

 In India, celebrations be it wedding, festivals or any occasion of joy has always been a pompous affair, an affair with lots and lots of fun, extravaganza, entertainment. Along with these, for the hosts it is also a depiction of richness and wealth in various forms, right from booking a lavish place for the celebrations to giving an unique and more important, costly gift(s) to the guests; anything that makes their function, an event that remains in everyone’s mind for a very long time and is quoted as an epitome of lavishness.

Unfortunately, nobody thinks about the flipside of this entire pompous affair; these affairs which result in unhealthy competition which sadly involves people who are not so affluent, disturbing the peace of the surroundings and wastage.

Here is an example –

Satvik and Sandhya became proud parents of a girl child after 12 long years of their marriage. As expected, they and their family were overjoyed. After 3 months of the baby birth, both families decided to have a naming ceremony. Naming ceremony is a Hindu event of officially giving an infant a name which sticks onto the kid for the whole lifetime. Both families being affluent decided to make this rare occasion a memorable event, not only for themselves but also for those who attend the function, thereby spending money like water.

A lavish hall in a posh locality was booked. A record number of people were invited. Kgs of gold and silver jewelry was bought exclusively for the 3 month baby (not sure if the baby would feel bad if the amount of gold and silver was any less). Lots of gifts were bought for the guests. Catering services were booked.

The auspicious day arrived. Baby was given the holy bath and then dressed in a beautiful kanjeevaram lehenga. Then the baby was adorned with gold necklace, gold chain, gold earnings, gold anklets, practically gold everywhere on the body.

The ceremony began in the hall booked. There were loud fireworks as if celebrations were in direct proportion with the noise produced by these fireworks; more the noise, more the happiness. Kanjeevaram sarees and gold ornaments clad women, men in Kanjeevaram dhoti, kurta with gold chains and rings and kids again in gold jewelry and kanjeevaram dress started pouring in along with boxes with gift wraps. Some of them who didn’t get their gifts wrapped started to open their gifts and compare it with their neighbors and feel contented that their gift is better than their neighbors’.

The ceremony got over and kid was named ‘Sugandha’. It was time to give the gifts to the baby. Close relatives had no choice but to give, as you guessed it right, GOLD!!! ; Some more gold to the baby. The baby didn’t seem particularly happy seeing gold as much as it was seeing some toy gifted, wonder why.. 😛 

Now comes the most interesting part. Yes, food…. The lunch started with serving some payasam on the banana leaf followed by some sort of a halwa in a platic cup. Then came some rotti and chutney, three varieties of rice a little while later. This was followed by badam milk in a plastic cup, vegetable biryani, dates barfi, another variety of payasam, some fried papads, pooris and much more and ended thankfully with plain rice and rasam  followed by  plain rice and curd. While leaving, each of the guest was given a nice gift.

While all the above said is a way for Satvik and Sandhya’s family to celebrate their happiness, they are innocuously setting a wrong precedence.

  • Their uninhibited show of lavishness and wealth in each and every small thing sets expectations in others to try and do something more flamboyant. The outcome would be disastrous if the people, on whom these expectations are set, are not so well off. They might end up in a swirl of debts from which they might never be able to recover.
  • Loud noises, may it be from the fireworks or from the music is always hazardous to health. There may be people who are old or weak-hearted in and around the place of celebration. Nobody has any rights to be happy at someone else’s cost.
  • The worst effect of all these brags is the wastage of food, especially in a country which ranks 2nd in child malnutrition globally where 47% of the kids are under nourished.  Either varieties of food can be cut down i.e. instead of having 4-5 types of sweets or 4 types of rice, there can be 2 – 3 sweets and 1 – 2 types of rice. Also, food needs to be made considering the approximate number of guests. There is no point cooking food for 700 people when the number of guests is well under 500. This reduces the wastage of food, which by some means can save the life of another kid.
  •  Usage of plastic can be very well avoided. In a big banana leaf used to serve food, a little space can be made for the halwa and a steel glass can be used for badam milk. This reduces the addition of non-degradable material into the world there-by avoiding some pollution.

Everyone wants to celebrate their happiness, especially one that has come after a long wait. But candid show of wealth and wasting food is not the only means of rejoicing.

Let us try to be innovative and find some better ways of celebration… 🙂

The two-seater journey

This is a small dedication to the most beautiful and harmonious couple who started their two-seater journey called marriage on this very day and are  completing the 4th year of their wonderful journey.

When you are in school, your parents have only one dream for you – to ensure that you score well in your exams and stand first in class. When you finish school, they dream of a lucrative job which would earn you reputation and loads of money. Once you have achieved this, then comes a dream (or nightmare for some) which would change the whole course of your life permanently – MARRIAGE!!!

I, like many have always wondered the necessity of marriage in one’s life. You need to study to get a good job, you need a job to make a living, but why do you need to get married? I have always been in a dilemma since I personally never thought marriage is mandatory; but relatives, parents, friends seem to believe marriage is the utmost necessity in life and all the high grades, lucrative jobs are the key to choose among the best breed as husband / wife. 🙂 🙂

But with all this humor also comes the dreadful thought of not making the right choice, of failure in marriage. The impact of such as disaster would be catastrophic. Here are some of such instances I have seen in recent times –

Case 1: Vijay and Sandhya are happily (??) married for last 10 years. Both come from affluent families, marriage arranged by parents and hence their match was perceived to be made in heaven. The only discord in their otherwise perfect match is that even after 10 years, Sandhya is not able to conceive. This one reason was sufficient for Vijay and his family to break this marriage and send Sandhya back to her parents. Ideally 10 years is a long and sufficient time for a couple to strengthen their relationship to such an extent, that every obstacle no matter how big or small will never affect the marriage. But so was not the case here.

Case 2: Bharath and Sumana’s marriage was arranged by their parents after matching their horoscopes to the microscopic details. As per the match scores, they were supposed to be made for each other and would face no problems in their relationship. But the reality turned out to be something else. Within months after their marriage, Bharath started to feel a discomfort in the relationship. Sumana seemed to be indifferent, had no concerns about Bharath or his family. She felt no love with Bharath and even after months, he remained an outsider to her. She started picking on him for every small thing, arguments and fights increasing with each passing day. End result was that, within months of this perfectly matched marriage, two of them separated and are now living alone.

Case 3: Kiran and Manoj are both from affluent families where marriages get fixed based on the weight of money, gold etc. each family can give and take. Kiran and Manoj got married because Kiran’s parents gave Manoj a big car and a flat and Manoj’s parents gave Kiran kilograms and kilograms of gold and silver. Nobody ever bothered to think whether Kiran and Manoj can understand each other and live together. The result, Kiran is back to her parents’ place within a month of marriage along with the car and flat.

Case 4: Rajiv is working in an IT major for last 7 years and is settled in US. His parents, like many found him a beautiful, smart girl Neelam working in an IT company. Rajiv has always been mama’s boy, a guy who follows his parents’ advice to the T and never talks against them. Neelam is very happy to marry such a guy and even quits her job for Rajiv. They get married and Rajiv flies back to US promising to take Neelam soon. But that soon never happens. Calls after calls go to Rajiv from Neelam but in vain. Once while Neelam was trying to reach Rajiv, a girl picks up the call and informs Neelam that she is his wife. Neelam is shattered. She feels her whole world has collapsed. Today, she is back to her parents and is searching for a new job.

All the above incidents make me terrified about the thought of getting married. I feel there is no such thing called fidelity and trust in today’s world. These incidents make me distant myself from marriage. But still somewhere in some corner of my mind I am still considerate about marriages and that is because of this beautiful couple I had the fortune to know for some time now.

Gopal and Rajini are vibrant, bubbly, talkative and very expressive in their thoughts. Their marriage was arranged affair, with possible involvement of horoscopes. There were also supposed to be match made in heaven. But unlike others mentioned above, they were also determined to prove this point. Being so talkative and open with their thoughts, I am sure they would be some arguments in their everyday life, but both of them are mature enough not to take the day-to-day arguments to the next level and make an irresolvable issue out of them. What I like the most is their concern for each other, which even after 4 years of marriage has not even a wee bit reduced. I still remember, couple of years back since their marriage, both of them calling each other every now and then from their respective offices and taking a stock of the happenings. It so happened, that Rajini had to go abroad for a year, last year. But distance never came in their relationship. Both of them were longing to talk to each other and were waiting for that specific time of the day, which suited both of them to converse. I have personally seen Gopal’s various expressions and emotions (which he thinks he has masked without others notice) many times, pain when Rajini was away, eagerness waiting for time to call Rajni and exaltation when she was coming back. He was so excited, that he had informed almost everyone in the office about her coming back and had taken off stating “I want to spend time with my wife” 🙂

As the destiny plays a spoil sport many times, it so happened that this year again on their anniversary they are not together and it is Gopal who is now abroad. But I am sure that physical distance can never bring emotional distance in this lovely couple.

It has become such a rare thing these days, that even after 4 years of marriage, the emotional connect, mutual respect and the concern and care for each other remain unchanged and undeterred. These are the key things for a successful marriage and these are the couple who helps others retain their trust in the otherwise doomed world of marriage.

Wishing this beautiful couple a very happy marriage anniversary. Welcome to the 5th year of the journey together and pray that your happy journey continues forever and ever.

P.S. All names have been changed to keep the anonymity of the relevant people intact


Have you ever felt the desperate need for answers to following questions?

  • What am I doing?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Am I doing what I am intended to do in my life?
  • Why am I here?
  • Am I invisible?
  • What do I want?

Sounds soul-searching and spiritual, but this is what most of us feel, a kind of delusion which needs to be broken at some point or the other… Trying to find answers via this post.. Here are some situations which might lead to some serious CTRL+F within us..

Kate has been working in one of the top IT companies for last 6+ years. A freshman out of school, geared up, all ready to take up the big bang world of professionals. Initially everything was good, new things to learn every day, every month, every year for 5 years.  She has been (un??)lucky to have got to do something new every day for such a long time in a world where things become banal due to repetitiveness in work within an year. But the flip side to it was Kate never got an opportunity to master anything. Her ability to quickly adapt to new technologies which was a boon from organization perspective became a bane for individual growth. At one point in time, after 5 years, she gets bored of learning and learning and learning. She wants to settle down with one technology and master it which her current job profile does not provide her an opportunity with. She is stuck up in one place, does not have skills to match up to her experience and hence cannot venture out. As a result, she is getting more and more flustered and dejected with each passing day and tries to CTRL+F “What am I doing?”, “Why am I here?”


Kate’s problem lies majorly with her being in one place for too long. To add to that, the frustration of not being able to move out due to the fact that she knows little about so many things is letting her down. One probable solution to this would be to stop learning!!! Yes, stop learning so many things. Knowing many things is good only when you know one or two things better than others. It would be an added advantage when you know not only know a particular subject A very well, but also know B, C and D. Usual method is to learn A splendidly and then focus on B, C or D. In Kate’s situation, she can try doing the opposite. Now that she knows something about A, B, C and D, she can think of which on these interests her the most, let us say B. she can start to work and learn more on B. She can also try a different company based on her knowledge of B since sometimes change of place of work brings a brighter change in life.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Amanda has a high profile job is one of the top firms. She is regarded as one of the highly successful individual in her profession. But she has one worry. Marriage!!! Yes, she is 30 and unmarried. She is also a strong (??) individual who does not like to show her emotions to others. She is not very keen on getting married, and thinks marriage might be a required affair in one’s life but is not mandatory. This is what she thinks most of the time, but whenever she sees her friends happily married, enjoying life with spouses and kids, gossiping about their in-laws there is a sting in her heart and she longs to have that experience. She feels she has lost the sense in life.  At these times, she CTRL+F “What do I want?”


This is a trickier problem since this is not in an individual control. Some get married soon, some get married late and some probably never get married. There are situations and destiny which plays a role here. What Amanda should do is not to hide her emotions and her pains behind her “strong” character, and to vent out her pains in front of someone or something animate or inanimate. A good uninhibited wail over one’s sorrow will definitely make them feel better. Having said that, she should not lose hope or relent on her choices when it comes to finding a right life partner as it is the hope of finding light at the end of the tunnel is what keeps a man alive and determined to find the end of the tunnel.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Jules is the only child of her parents. She was a smart student in her school. She is a hard working employee. But, in all these she lacks one thing which she yearns for – Undivided attention, a sense of being given first preference over others. At home, even after being the only child, she does not get much of a preference. Her father is indifferent, nothing bothers him much, and her mother prefers her cousin over Jules and constantly compares how her cousin is better than Jules. In office, she is almost inconspicuous with her boss and her peers not even noticing her during meetings or after.  All this makes Jules CTRL+F for “Am I invisible?”


Jules problem in life is that she is suffering from inferiority complex. She thinks she needs others feedback about her to determine whether she is good or not. She thinks if others think she is good, she is good; if they think she is useless, she is. She is an attention savvy and needs someone to notice her always. This is not bad and is not something which one cannot expect from others. But some of us are not so lucky enough to garner all the attention we need. At these times, we need to understand the fact that, we are not born to be popular and that popularity is not the determining factor for one’s success or failure. Others opinion never matter. One who cannot praise you when you do well does not hold a chance to blame you when you do something wrong. So what Jules should do is to forget who cares for her and who doesn’t and just live up to her expectations.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Phillipa is born and brought up in a middle class family, a family where education to the graduate level is must, followed by a prolific job in IT major which will get you good money. This has been a trend in her family, all her cousins, siblings are earning in 6 digits per month and all are placed in one or the other IT majors. Phillipa had no choice or rather never thought of any choice other than follow the family trend. As a result, she is now in an IT major earning close to a 6 digit figure. But now after completing 5 years in the IT Co, is she happy? Guess not, because more often than not, she keeps getting flustered and running off on vacation spanning for a week or two. She feels that probably she is getting frustrated because of working too long, so a vacation might be a good break. But she is now realizing the fact, that within a day or two of coming back from vacation, her foul mood is back as well. She is not sure of what in this whole world interests her. She feels even if she tries to do something new, she loses interest in a little while. She keeps wondering whether she has made any mistake following the family trend, not thinking of what she really wanted and keeps CTRL + F “What is the purpose of my life?” “Am I doing what I am intended to do in my life?”


Phillipa’s biggest mistake is that she never thought what she wanted in life. This is probably because she has been brought up in a middle class family where more or less, the choices are definitive and limited. Every career option’s sole objective is to earn money with grace. If your option does not earn you 6 digit figures, then it is not much of a career option.  So she never thought, never used that brain of hers to decide what she wanted, but took whatever came in her life. Changing that, going back to square one might not be an option now, even though that is the best. She now has limited options to choose from, but she has to start thinking what is it she wants in life? Now that she has some money, can she take the risk of quitting the prolific job and do something which interests her? Whatever she decides, she needs to think first. Think, Think, Think…..

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- So, above were some of the situations which we encounter at some point in life. This article was an attempt to find answers to some of the issues which drive us crazy at times. But as the saying goes, easier said than done. At least let us make a start and see where it takes us. Hope this helps….

Same Mistake

“Was it her beautiful round eyes? Or was it her long hair? Or was it her innocent child like face? I really don’t know what it was, but there was something that was there which struck me so hard, which instantaneously made me her slave…” Kris was musing watching the girl standing a little distance away from him in the bus stop. He was awakened from his rants when Maya shouted “Bus is here, bye bro”. After waving good bye to Maya, Kris turned his attention back to the girl in the bus stop.

Meanwhile, Kathy was observing though subtly, the guy or rather kid who was watching her so anxiously. She has been seeing this guy getting into the same bus she gets into, getting down couple of stops later, and all this only if the other girl, supposedly his sister was not alighting the same bus as she is. She realized this has been happening for some days now. She laughed at the thought of a guy who seems to be at least eight to nine years younger stalking her. She was amused at the thought of ‘kid’ infatuated at her, but the word ‘kid’ struck her hard, bringing in a gushing wave of memories, memories of the past, long gone, but not without inflicting a permanent wound to her heart.

It was 6th of October, five years back, precisely 2 P.M when she first saw him. It was first week into Kathy’s first job, a job which she got immediately after completing school. It was a lousy Friday afternoon, undergoing equally lousy training, waiting for the next class to start, when she heard a knock at the door. All 20 odd heads in the room turned to the door. But as a miracle it be, the pair of eyes at the door locked itself on Kathy and Kathy felt her heart miss a beat. “Wow” her mind said. She couldn’t help but gape at him, all the while he was moving around the room, introducing himself. “Hi, I am Ryan and I am working with this organization from last 2 years and I am here to introduce you to Marketing, one of the key requirements for selling our products”. “Marketing, it is. This is what my dream job is going to be” thought Kathy. “What is it which has caught my attention? Is it his beautiful eyes or is it his handsome physique or is it his cute face or…. Yes, it is; it is his charismatic smile which has encapsulated me, the very first time I saw him. I…” “It is your turn ma’am. Will you please introduce yourself and also enlighten us with your thought which is keeping your mind out of this world?” Ryan’s words cut the chain of her thoughts and she took a deep breath before starting to speak, she didn’t want the first impression to go wrong. As the day progressed, she had made a considerable impact on Ryan with the quick wit and amazing grasping and understanding ability. Kathy thought this has to be the best day of her life.

The trainings went on for another month or so, and Kathy was disappointed that she was not able to see Ryan that often. But, she wasn’t sitting idle during this hour. She tried to collect as much information as she can about Ryan in these days. She was particularly happy about the fact that he is unmarried, but was slightly distressed, when she heard about his marriage scheduled in a period of 3 months. “3 months is still THREE MONTHS. A lot can happen in 3 minutes, so what is 3 months” she thought and hence continued her pursuit towards Ryan’s heart. Little did she know what the outcome would be. After completing a rigorous 1 and a half month of training, all 20 brave warriors came out of their concentration camps, all set to face their actual battles, the projects. Kathy was surprised and immensely happy when she was told she would be working closely with Ryan. She believed it was a sign of god, a heavenly sign telling, they were destined to be together. She started working with extra zeal, an extra effort put only to impress Ryan. She started staying late in the evening, partially to learn the job well, but most important with an expectation that Ryan will offer to drop her home. Ryan also seemed to be quite impressed, and amused at the same time looking at the interest shown by Kathy at work. Working long hours made them share some of their personal information, while Kathy treasured the tidbits of Ryan, Ryan didn’t make an effort to register what Kathy spoke about herself.

Meanwhile, the day of Ryan’s marriage was getting closer. Kathy thought she has made a decent progress, especially when she overheard them quarrelling on phone, of which she felt triumphant about. But the next thing she came to know about is that Ryan was on his marriage vacation which is going to last for a month. She was totally in a haze of thoughts. “How can this happen? Why didn’t he tell me? What was all the friendliness he showed? He definitely knows I am attracted to him. If his intentions were to marry someone else, then why didn’t he stop me?” Kathy was so lost in thoughts, was so confused that, she couldn’t get answers to any of her questions. She spent so many nights silently crying in her bed, all alone caressing herself.

One dreadful month passed, and Ryan returned to office. In spite of all the fury, Kathy had for Ryan, she simply couldn’t stop herself from admiring the new tan he had got may be due to the extra sun he got in the course of his honeymoon. He looked at the Kathy with the same affection, and within a jiffy Kathy forgot all her questions, all the haze and maze she was in. Life continued the same way it was minus now Ryan’s status had changed from E to M (Eligible to Married). Right now nothing made a difference to Kathy, and she continued to impress him with quadrupled vigor.

One fine day she felt, her efforts are bearing fruits. However subtle it was, she realized he is wearing outfit of the same color as hers which repeated every day. She observed, he going for coffee at the same time when she goes, he gazing at her only to turn his eyes elsewhere, the moment she turns towards him. All these made no sense to her, she thought, Ryan loves her but is hesitant because of his marriage. She thought, he has been forced into the marriage and is desperately waiting for a signal from her so that he can come to her forever. She tried to coax him to do so by giving inconspicuous, subtle signal, but was surprised when all went in vain. She was confused and lost yet again.

All her confusions, her questions were answered on that fitful day when the truth came crashing on her. She was feeling annoyed with Ryan over something trivial and silly and blurted out at Ryan. In reply Ryan said “Kathy, you seem like a kid to me. You should be more matured in your conversation. You remind me of a KID and I cannot help feeling amused about it” and laughed. Kathy felt like crashing into the ground and be hidden there forever. She never thought even in the wildest of her dreams that the answers to her questions will come in this fashion. All her questions and confusions were replaced by one and only one question (or rather confusion) “What were all those gestures were about?” those for sure were not those of a man amused by a KID.

She decided whatever it is, going down this path will bring her only pain and she has to take detour before it is too late. She knew things would have been different if he had put a full stop when it all started. Definitely, he is neither a kid nor blind for not having understood what was happening. She was determined to resurrect herself and today she is completely out of her nightmare.

“Pooooonkk….” she was pushed back into the present by the horn of the bus with the bus driver asking her to get into the bus. She observed that the guy had also got into the bus and was staring at her from a distance. She decided, she can’t keep it going for long or else, she would be doing the same mistake which Ryan did, the only difference might be he might not have the courage to recuperate. Hence, instead of just hiding away, she glared at him with the looks powerful enough to burn him and turned away making it evident that she is annoyed and considers him as road-side stalker. She just prayed his self-esteem is hurt by this and that he stops his acts. Anyways, she had to wait for the next morning to see the result.

And it worked!! Kris was so dejected with Kathy’s behavior, that he completely ignored her in the bus stop the next day. And even better, he decided to take his bike to college the next day and never see Kathy ever again.

On the other hand Kathy was relieved and happy that she had prevented spoiling a guy’s life, she had prevented another Kathy in making, and above all, she had prevented the birth of Ryan in her….

Yaadein….. Dooooordarshan ke…..

Yesterday for a change after really long time was watching soap “opera” queens and kings (even though the word is irrelevant since one place males cannot dominate is here… :P) getting “felicitated” and “rewarded” for being ideal beta, beti, ma, baap,saas, sasur etc… (thats what they are called… wonder why a guy who kicks his wife out of the house and gets married again just because his mom does not like the girl is given “BEST BETA (english: BEST SON)” award… :D).

This show “Star Parivar Awards” was aired on Star Plus yesterday from 8 P.M onwards.Apart from giving these frivolous awards, this ceremony was also to commemorate 10 glorious years of Star Plus (2000 – 2010). Well, as a matter of fact, Star Plus by itself did not get launched in 2000, but that was when it was re-born, thanks to the  reigning soap queen Ekta Kapoor and her enchanting “K” series which took the channel from a struggling trifle to an undisputed ruler of all TRP charts, catapulting the channel to the top slot among all rival channels.

When Mr. Uday Shankar, CEO Star Plus was going through the journey of the channel from 2000 to 2010, my mind was racing back to an earlier era, when TRP ratings were unheard of, fights among channels was literally impossible since there used be a single channel…. one and only our Doordarshan… 🙂 and nostalgia creeps in….

I vaguely remember those days, the late 80s when after coming from school and doing homework, used to watch almost every show that used to come on doordarshan and loved to imitate (or call it spoof….) the characters which used to come in the serials and the ads 😀 (I am still remembered for my “Buniyaad prasthuth karta Godrej” ad…. guess I marketed Godrej pretty well those days…. 🙂  ) Go on with the blog to know what Buniyaad is….

Even though I don’t pretty well recollect all the shows which used to glue me to the TV those days, here are few chronologically, the shows which I loved to watch and almost made me cry if I had to miss even a single episode….

Buniyaad –  This show was aired in 1986 and ran till 1987. Even though, I don’t very well remember the exact story, I think it was set on the aftermath of partition of India and starred Alok Nath, one of the veteran small screen actor. One thing, which is registered in my memory is Godrej was one of the sponsors of the show (as you might know why… by now.. :P)

Ramayan and Mahabharat – Two popular mythological dramas aired in 1987 and 1989 respectively, these are always remembered as epics of Doordarshan. I used to love Arun Govil and Deepika who played Ram and Seeta and till some years even after the show when off-air, I was under the impression that they are the real Ram and Seeta 🙂

When it comes to Mahabharat, one of the blatant memories, is the episode when Bheeshma was being killed by Arjun, that was the day when our TV was out of order and had to be sent for repair. I made so much of a fuss on that day, that my mom had to take me to our neighbor’s place to watch the episode….

Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi and Tehikaat – These were the popular detective series aired in 1989, 1993 and 1994 respectively. Pankaj Kapoor, Rajit Kapur and Vijay Anand impersonated detectives Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi and Sam very well. I used to love watching them, trying to figure out the culprit before any of them could… 😀 My interest in detective serials is still the same, only the show, now which I watch happens to be C.I.D which is telecast every Friday and Saturday on Sony Entertainment Television at 10.00 PM.

Alif Laila, Street Hawk, Captain Vyom and Shaktimaan – These were the kids oriented shows aired in 90s which made me glued to the chair on Sundays (and get rebuked from mom for not studying… :P). I used to imagine myself as Street Hawk or Shaktiman or Vyom flying all over the world, saving the innocent from evil…. 😀

Apart from these, film songs based shows like Rangoli (which I still continue to watch…. apparently the only show on DD which I watch now) and Chitrahaar, watching which I used to learn the lyrics of almost all popular songs of those days, because of which I was always victorious in antaksharis…. cartoons like Spider-man, Jungle Book, Mickey Mouse, Duck Tales…. comedy serials like Wagley ki Duniyan, Dekh bhai Dekh, Jaspal Bhatti’s Flop Show used to keep me busy in front of TV…. 😉

**Today, after almost more than an decade of switching over from only DD to other channels, one thing I can say from my experience is, the more the number of channels, the less the interest in gluing on to a particular show….

**Those were the days when choices were meek and quality and variety of shows were  high…. Today is when, the choices of channels and shows are high, but quality and variety have become meek….

Before I end, here is a quick trivia on firsts in Doordarshan (courtesy – Wikipedia)

  • Doordarshan began with the experimental telecast starting in Delhi on 15 September 1959 with a small transmitter and a makeshift studio.
  • The regular daily transmission started in 1965 as a part of All India Radio.
  • National telecasts were introduced in 1982. In the same year, colour TV was introduced in the Indian market with the live telecast of the Independence Day speech by then prime minister Indira Gandhi on 15 August 1982
  • The telecast of serials began in 1984. The first serial to be aired was Hum Log on July 7, 1984
  • The first comedy serial to be telecast was Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi in 1984
  • The first mythological drama series was Ramayan in 1987
  • Shaktimaan, the first Indian super hero series went on-air on September 13, 1997

** –  The shows and channels referred here are purely related to fiction based serials and channels which telecast these.

Ugadi habbada shubhashayagalu

Yuga Yugadi kaledaru, yugadi marali baruthide

This is one of the melodies of yesteryear Kannada movie “Kula Vadu” which means, “Ages and ages will go past, but yugadi keeps coming back again and again”

Today is Yugadi, a festival which marks the new beginning….

Yugadi, as it is called in Karnataka or Ugadi, as in Tamilnadu or Vishu, as in Kerala or Baisakhi, for Punjabis or Bihu for Assamese marks the beginning of new year for we, Indians.

Well, again there is a variation regarding the time when this festival is celebrated. Some parts of India celebrate it during mid-March whereas rest of them during mid-April.

For most parts of Karnataka(like Bangalore, Mysore), Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh where people follow the lunar calendar (based on the cycles of the moon), Ugadi falls on the first day of Chaitra month, while others like people of Udupi, Mangalore in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Punjab and Assam, who follow solar calendar (based on the position of the earth on its revolution around the sun) celebrate Ugadi on the first day of the Mesha month.

Hence Ugadi comes back twice every year…..

or may be thrice…. ????

because for Bengalis, Pohela Boishakh, and for people of  undivided Dakshin Kannad (Udupi and Mangalore), Yugadi is celebrated tomorrow…. 🙂

One thing, here we can observe is,

“In spite of all these diversity even to a level of dates on which a festival is celebrated, we are still One Country”

Wishing all my tamil and bengali friends, a very happy and prosperous new year

Depressed Minds

In today’s fast forward world, too much of stress, strain lead to a state of low mood and aversion from work. Without any reasons, we tend to feel sad, irritated, easily annoyed and tired…. Why is this so? and what is this called?

Yes, as the subject says, this is Depression….

This article is not about heavy duty topics like

What is Depression?

What are the different reasons behind depression?

How do depressed minds work?

or for that matter,

How to cope up with depression?

This a light weight post on what are the various “interesting” things which people do when they are depressed….

To begin with, as one can anticipate, a person will go into social isolation or in simple terms loneliness… yes, it is observed that when your mind is tired, you tend to seclude yourself from the world, try to calm down and think about the possible things which could have been the reasons behind the depression…

Or, as an alternative, if a person chooses not to seclude oneself from the society or family or is not able to isolate oneself, he/she most of the time end up being annoyed and frustrated with the family members and at time reprimand them without any mistakes of theirs…. If the family is congenial enough to understand the turbulence in the person’s mind, the problem is still cope-able, but if they are trenchant, then the problem mounts up to its maximum height possible….

After this serious impacts of depression, here is one appetizing counter-effect…. People tend to increase their lust for food. They start eating rapaciously just to keep their minds off “those thoughts”…. And interestingly it is seen that the most “loved” food at these times is unbelievably Chocolates and ice creams…. People eat hoards and hoards of these without realizing the quantity eaten…. and it is also proved by certain scientific research that chocolates are one of the good anti-depressants.

Yummy!! isn’t it?

Apart from all these, by my personal experience, I have discovered another anti-depressant, which is “Work, Work and work” your way out….. Yes, at times when I have been depressed, I have felt the urge to work so hard, that I forget the thoughts and people which/who are responsible for my foul mood.

And trust me it works!!! I feel so relieved and so light in the mind, free of all thoughts…. and yes my work is also done, with great quality as my mind is totally focussed on the work….

But as everything, there is always a flip-side to this as well…. I got reprimanded from friends/lead for unnecessarily working and straining myself. How many ever times I say, I did all this to come out of my frustrations, it is in vain….

Hope this post will make them understand…..


How many times we have seen a blind man struggling to cross the road or trying to board a bus, but still no one around bother to help him out? How many times have we seen an old man or a woman tired of standing in the bus, but no one bothers to offer them a seat?

In spite of all these, we call ourselves “human” beings. What is “human”? Human means “Characteristic of humanity“. Are we really are? Or is it that other species on this earth cannot  be a “human”?

Check out the picture below.

This was a picture taken by a journalist during his visit to one of the famous temples of Bangalore, Ragigudda. Every three months once, there are these two guys, who are physically special because of their sight, come to Ragigudda. On one such occasion, they went in search of water to quench their thirst. They happened to find a tap with some difficulty, but were having problems in opening and closing the tap. People around them were moving around watching their plight but no one came to their help.

It is during this time, from nowhere a monkey chipped in, opened the tap for the guys to allay their thirst, waited till they drank the water, filled its stomach as well and above all, remembered to close the tap before leaving….

Now I guess thats what is called HUMAN” being.…..

I think its time for all of us to (re)think if we really qualify for “HUMAN” beings?

It’s a Silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How quickly the times moves on!!!!!!

It seems yesterday, when I was opening my eyes in this big beautiful ocean of blogging and learning to swim amidst big, big fishes and whales called friends, who were and are the champs of blogging…. 🙂

Today, this small fish of the blogging ocean is going to swim for the 25th time…..

I still remember the day 03rd Aug 09, when I was talking to HP, rambling about my boring life and urge to do something new, but having no idea on what to do….. It was then, he suggested me to start blogging…. and that was how an interest to rant on-line was born….

But still there was a problem…. since there was too many blog sites and it was only me who was blogging, there was a confusion on which one to choose from…. It was when Mr Poor Kid (PK) came to help…. he suggested to start blabbering on wordpress…. so that was how “SERENETIMES” was born….

I payed back to HP and PK by dedicating quite a few posts to them…. Hope they remember…. 😛

From then on, I have written many posts with topics varying from something casual like Smile Or Not To Smile!!!!???? or Highly Effective Lead…. YES Or NO???? to some serious topics like Children’s Day???? or Wrongs And Rights

Out of the 24 posts till now, my personal favorites happen to be

1.Bourbon Ad…. In Rajani.. Err.. Redthil Istyle

2.Recession Upshot – In Words Of Hercules And Scorpio

3.Highly Effective Lead…. YES Or NO????

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5.Why People Cannot Accept Change?


But of all these, the best one, which made me “famous” in this blog world is undoubtedly an unanimously

Bourbon Ad…. In Rajani.. Err.. Redthil Istyle

Thanks to thalai for making me think so creative…. 😉 I promise you, I will come with the sequel pretty soon…. 😀

I would like to thank everyone who were direct/indirect part of my posts, for having taken them sportively and given your valuable comments….

Hope you guys enjoy reading my posts in future as well!!!!